Learning the Ropes

Well, the Read or Die Convention panel on introductory specfic texts was an interesting one. Since the goal was to recommend texts to people unfamiliar with the concept of speculative fiction in addition to explaining whatever the heck speculative fiction is / was / will be.

I found out that some of the people attending the panel discussion were already quite familiar with the various genres and were seeking further clarification on the terminologies we used.

I was particularly happy with my explanation of Science Fiction and why I read it; it clarified for me why I'm usually dissatisfied with my attempts at science fiction stories - they don't meet the tough criteria that I have for good science fiction!

A surprise question threw me for a loop - someone looking for dystopian future texts similar to 1984 and Brave New World. Apparently someone in the back of the crowd was spewing out seminal novels like Farenheit 451. All I could manage was the mention of The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress and a general outlook on cyberpunk novels and anthologies.

I wish there was a way that all these specfic bibliophiles could get together and trade recommendations with each other. After all, I'm far from being an established authority on the subject - Brian W. Aldiss kinda cornered the market on that with his thick retrospectives on Science Fiction.

In any case, I hope that the discussion also spurred on a few of the shy specfic writers out there to start writing and submitting. It's time for everyone to help shape the voice of the Filipino in this particular area of culture!


MulderandScully said...

i for one want to know more about speculative fiction! i haven't atended some of these "lit conventions" in a while and would love to hear what seasoned writers like you can introduce to us.

Alexander said...

Sorry for such a late response! I wouldn't really call myself a seasoned writer, but - what are you looking for in a lit convention?