Reading List

I'm inundated by things to read, and so I'm going to share with you my current "I've gotta finish reading this soon" list:

Ilium by Dan Simmons
The Elenium by David Eddings which includes
  • The Diamond Throne
  • The Ruby Knight
  • The Sapphire Rose
Killing Time In A Warm Place by Butch Dalisay

This would be in addition to the regular LitCritter readings, of course.

Reader Response

I got the following comment from mulderandscully from the prior post:

I for one want to know more about speculative fiction! I haven't attended some of these "lit conventions" in a while and would love to hear what seasoned writers like you can introduce to us.
Thank you so much for the comment, and though I'm responding to it rather late, let me say first of all that I don't feel very "seasoned" - I'd probably be considered "lightly dusted" at best.

Speculative Fiction has many definitions that you can search the web for. The way that we use it, it's a catch-all for all forms of fiction that are essentially a literature for the fantastic. You can ask more questions about this if you sign up to the LitCritters Google Group.